I wish I would have seen this before starting my own process of divorce! This is a very comprehensive video addressing all the fundamental questions about co-parenting. 

In addition to the video, the co-parenting guide is an excellent way to supplement the video. It is easy to follow and find quick references to specific topics, at any time!

Co-Parenting: The Basics

What It Is & How We Do It

This interview-style video workshop breaks down those most pressing questions parents face as they begin to navigate co-parenting during separation and divorce. Plus get a 50+ page guidebook that provides additional answers and worksheets to get you started today.

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Meet Cherie

Cherie Morris is a Divorce Coach and Parent Coordinator, beginning her career as a lawyer before transitioning to coaching. With clients across the United States and internationally, Cherie’s logical and reasoned approach has guided numerous individuals to the outcomes they’ve wanted, whether an emotionally-neutral separation and ultimate divorce or to be a strong co-parent with a high-conflict former spouse. 

Divorced herself, Cherie knows firsthand the ways a divorce can devastate a person without the proper tools to understand the impact. She experienced a high conflict divorce while raising young children. It was only when she learned how not to lean into the resistance of her high conflict co-parent that she was able to take back her own life and help her children. She is passionate about her work and her ability to serve as an objective thinking partner who will help decide how to frame important decisions that will serve her clients and their children into the future.